Chavez for the UN

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Experience with war-like infrastructure situations

No, these pictures are not the results of a war. Fortunately, there is no war in Venezuela, we do not need it,Chavez takes care of it. But this is not false advertisement, Chavez has indeed confirmed experience in treating the collapse of all types of vital infrastructures. From the Caracas-Valencia highway collapse due to bad maintenance, to the bridges of Tachira state..He has had a lot of practice, he has been practicing for seven years! No other president in the history of Venezuela had such an expertise. And he now faces a huge challenge: a 7 million city cut from its Airport, port and major touristic area for him to practice even more. What? Why he did not foresee the collapse of the viaduct? Do you want to know what he was doing during those seven years? Preparing of course! All this has been in preparation for what was coming and we now got the tangible results. For instance, after ONLY Ten Days he has already put together a contingency team to figure out what they have to do. See? Experience and preparation really counts. You will never find such an experienced politician in a war-like situation without ever being in a war situation! You'll have the best of both worlds: no war, but just like being in a war. So support Chavez for the UN!