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Saturday, February 04, 2006

With Chávez, the world will commemorate a Military coup!

With Chavez, the world will have a new holiday: February 4, in honor of February 4, 1992, the day Liutenent Colonel Chavez failed in his Military Coup against the democratically elected President Carlos Andrés Pérez.

In Venezuela Chavez commemorates the day with a huge march paid by the goverment and fed by civil servants that are bused from all over the country to celebrate!! Isn't that great? Wouldn't you like that your UN goverment paid as well a local march with all those buses to commemorate Chavez Military Coup? Here are goverment announcements made in a major newspaper to remind the people that the celebration had to take place:

And here are the happy participants that had to spend a whole Saturday celebrating in joy! Probably civil servants that decided that the best way to spend their Saturday was celebrating for a failed Military Coup.

And this are the comfortable buses to take you from anywhere to make sure that there is a HUGE march.

Why should the rest of the world refrain from having a Universal day of commemoration of February 4, 1992?

See here? Even people from Australia came to Caracas to celebrate Chavez's Military Coup anniversary! They are actually quite happy, if you look carefully they look like the happiest group in the crowd!

Another important advantage of these type of gathering is that the goverment pays for all those new red T-shirts, creating jobs in manufacturing and in the preparation of red dye.

So why wait?

Chávez for the UN!


At 4:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its very funny of all of you to make fun of our Dear Leader like this....but most of you do not know what you are talking about!

Chavez is suffering from a chemical dependecy (cocaine), that has its roots in CIA mind-control technology.

Bush/Hitler has been trying embarass Chavez for decades by subtly getting him addicted to cocaine / prostitutes.

Of course, most of you have never been hungry in your life! So, you don't know how it feels to be subject to psychic torture.


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